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Our Work

As an agency focused on AI and emerging technologies, we understand the importance of leveraging new media channels to build meaningful connections. We create and share stories across platforms like Substack, TikTok, LinkedIn, and Instagram to spotlight interesting technologies, the people building them, and the impact they have on our society.

Our goal is to inspire and inform wider audiences by making complex topics more accessible through social storytelling.

Ultimately, the way we work and who we work with reflect our commitment to shaping an equitable future where everyone benefits from technological advancements.




Computerspeak is a Substack newsletter focused on AI and emerging technologies, providing a selection of media articles, together with original commentary or short interviews with people working in the tech industry. Subscribe at


Mohamed bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence (MBZUAI) 

Mohamed bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence (MBZUAI) is a graduate research university dedicated to advancing AI as a global force for humanity. Learn more at

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Instagram Reels and TikTok short-form videos

Reporting on the most interesting technology-related developments of the day and sharing opinions about the tech industry and its impact on society, in 90 seconds or less. Follow along at @alexvoica on Instagram and @alexcvoica on TikTok.


Redbourn Community Library

Based in Hertfordshire, United Kingdom, the Redbourn Community Library is run in partnership with local volunteers. 

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